33X12.50R20LT Atturo Trail Blade XT All Terrain 33/12.5/20 33125020 Tire

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Owners of all types of trucks have been searching for a tire which gives the aggressive look of a mud terrain, but has more civilized on road performance. The Atturo Trail Blade X/T is the innovative leader in developing a hybrid mix of the off road style of a Mud Terrain with the traction of an All Terrain and road quality of a highway tread. Our traction testing shows that the Trail Blade X/T delivers 90% of the off road capability of our race-winning Trail Blade M/T, but also delivers a more comfortable and quiet ride on the pavement. The style of the tire is every bit as aggressive as most of the timid M/T tires on the market. The Trail Blade series knife blade inspired designs from Quartermaster Knives are the most fearsome on the market. The wide size range brings the off road style and performance to a huge range of lifted, leveled and lowered pickups, SUV's and even small cross over vehicles. With the Trail Blade X/T, you can tackle the trail, show or urban streets of your active outdoor lifestyle. When selecting a new tire for your vehicle, you must be sure the LOAD INDEX matches or exceeds the original equipment tire specification. Installing a tire which does not meet the vehicle manufacturers' specification is dangerous and will void the warranty. (Note that ‘load range' & ‘ply ratings' are not indications of a tire's exact load capacity.) Changing your tire size and/or construction type may require a different air pressure. Please consult your dealer or the online pressure calculator at www.Atturo.com for suggested air pressure settings.